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Profectum Parent Toolbox is an exciting resource for you and your family, as well as those who work with your child at home, in school and in the community.

Profectum Parent Toolbox is an amazing on-line FREE resource.

The Profectum Parent Toolbox is here now!!!

Step 1 of the Profectum Parent Toolbox – Becoming your child’s play partner is up on the web for you to begin right now.

Step 2  of the Profectum Parent Toolbox - Discover Individual Differences, your child’s preferences and challenges is coming soon.

Step 3 of the Profectum Parent Toolbox Build and Extend Circles of Interaction Moment to Moment

Step 4 of the Profectum Parent Toolbox  - Practice, Practice, Practice! Keep Interactions “Flowing” is coming soon.

The Profectum Parent Toolbox can be viewed on all devices (Computer, iPad, Android Device, Smartphone.)  In addition to the webinars you will be able to use a workbook that is designed for you to develop a profile of your child and what works for the two of you in your interactions with one another.  You can also have those who work with your child use the workbook with you.



YES FREE!!!!!!!!!!


Go to  www.profectum.org or www.freetoolbox.org, or freetoolbox@profectum.org  register.  That’s it!  You are ready to begin viewing the webinars, each about 30 minutes in length.  

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