In order to help a child, a therapist has to know what makes that child unique. Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Dr. Serena Weider have developed the DIR/Floortime® model to help identify individual differences.

The DIR/Floortime® model provides a framework for understanding and improving interventions for infants and children with challenges in relating, communicating, and thinking.

The model addresses individual differences by looking at:

  • The way a child takes in, processes, or understands new experiences
  • The way a child reacts to things such as touch and sound
  • The way a child comprehends visual experiences
  • The way a child plans actions
  • The way a child handles relationships

Parents interested in Floortime® therapies can choose among the following treatment options:

During the initial 90-minute diagnostic session, the DIR/Floortime® therapist observes the parent/child's interactions together. The goal of this session is to develop a relationship between the parents and the therapist and to provide the family with Floortime® strategies to work on at home. Feedback to the parents may include recommendations for continued Floortime® therapy.

Floortime® Intensive
A Floortime® Intensive is designed for parents who are interested in learning about Floortime® strategies for their child but may live or work too far away from the clinic to come in on a weekly basis. During a Floortime® Intensive, clients participate in Floortime® therapies for 3-5 consecutive days, with additional speech and occupational therapy and Floortime® coaching 1-2 times per day. The participating family is immersed in continuous interactive therapy sessions with their child during their time at the clinic. Additionally, a social worker is often invited to the intervention sessions to help support the family and the child by discussing specific social-emotional concerns that the family may be experiencing. The intensive includes a 90-minute "wrap-up" meeting with parents and therapists to discuss progress and develop recommendations for home and school programs.

Parent Coaching
Parent coaching is a natural and integral part of the Floortime® process. It is recommended to guide the family to a better understanding of their child and to strategies that support their interactions. Coaching is conducted by certified a Floortime® practitioner who has been trained in the DIR/Floortime® model and is familiar with your child and your family. Coaching involves both the parent(s) and the child; sessions can take place in the child's home or at the clinic. The parent and the intervention specialist work together to develop a plan and a comfortable coaching style, as well as discussing what specific areas of development are critical to their child's growth.

For more information, please contact Cawn/Krantz Co-Clinical Director, Sherri Cawn, at (847) 480-8890 ext, 13.

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