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Children's Developmental Therapies, Chicago, Illinois, Northbrook

Welcome to Cawn/Krantz, a pediatric clinic providing innovative therapies for children and their families. Our multidisciplinary staff are experts in providing individual assessments and interventions based on a child's unique profile.

As a child develops and changes, so do our interventions. Guided by the DIR/Floortime® Model, we emphasize the child's individual differences and the effect those differences have on how the child moves, explores, and receives sensory stimulation.

We maintain a strong commitment to including parents in the therapeutic process. We encourage ongoing communication throughout the assessment as well as the therapy a child receives at our clinic. As co-directors, we are also actively involved in this process.

We strive to share information with our parents regarding new materials, research, and therapy programs in order to best support their children. If you are interested in receiving these updates, please e-mail Jerri.

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Sherri Cawn M.A., CCC-SLP

Licensed Speech & Language Pathologist

Jerri Krantz M.A., CCC-SLP
Licensed Speech & Language Pathologist





605 Academy Drive, Northbrook, Illinois