Occupational Therapy

Occupational TherapyCawn/Krantz utilizes a comprehensive, holistic approach to occupational therapy treatment. Occupational therapists at Cawn/Krantz draw upon extensive training to determine the appropriate activities and input each child needs to make greater developmental gains. Parental involvement and home programming are the foundation of each child's therapy services.

Our large sensory-motor gym—filled with lycra bridges, ladders, slides, a ball pit, trap doors, and suspended equipment—is specially designed to provide for therapeutic interactions of movement and exploration. The gym encourages sensory processing skills and motor learning, as well as providing opportunities for self-regulation, shared attention, reciprocity, and language. Smaller treatment rooms also allow for movement, exploration, sensory stimulation, and table activities for skill development.

Techniques and Therapeutic Programs Incorporated Into Treatment Include:

  • Developmental Individualized Relationship-based model (DIR/Floortime®)
  • Therapeutic ListeningTM
    Therapeutic Listening™ is a sound-based auditory intervention that positively impacts regulation and attention, sensory modulation, behavior, postural control, and speech and language difficulties. Participants listen to specially modulated music with headphones and a "tune belt," using these tools to engage in a variety of sensory-motor activities. For more information, vist the C/K Therapeutic Listening™ page.

  • Wilbarger Brushing Protocol
    Using a specialized brush and joint compressions, the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol utilizes specific patterns of stimulation to skin receptors in order to prepare the brain for more efficient organization of sensory input.

  • The Alert Program for Self-Regulation: "How Does Your Engine Run?"®
    The Alert Program® is a technique for teaching self-regulation awareness. By likening our bodies to engines, children begin to learn and reflect on what running their engine on "high," "low," and "just right" feels like. The program encourages children to discover how different activities change their "engine speed" in order for them to attain an optimal state of alertness for a variety of tasks.

  • Core Muscle Strengthening

  • Interactive Metronome®
    Interactive Metronome® (IM) improves the processing abilities that affect motor planning and sequencing. The IM program provides a structured, goal-oriented process that challenges the patient to synchronize specific hand and foot movements to a beat. For more information, vist the C/K Interactive Metronome® page.

  • Handwriting Without Tears®
    Handwriting Without Tears® is a developmentally-based handwriting curriculum that addresses school readiness skills and letter formation. A variety of multisensory activities and specialized worksheets and workbooks allow children to feel successful and enthusiastic about learning this important skill.

  • Rhythm, Movement and Thinking Programs Based on NeuroNet, Balametrics and Braingym® Methodologies. For more informaton, visit the C/K Speech and Language Therapy page.

  • Auditory Integrative Training™ (AIT)

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