Special Programs

Special ProgramsSpecial treatment programs at Cawn/Krantz incorporate cutting-edge research and clinical best practices. Many of our clients re-enroll in these programs and continue to benefit from the supported, progress-focused interactions among children, peers, and therapists.

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Social Development Programs

 Our Social Development Groups offer a wonderful opportunity for preschool-age to teenage children to be successful in developing meaningful, successful, and enjoyable social/play interactions with peers.

Our Social Development groups include:

  • Peer Buddies Year-Round and Summer
  • Peer Buddies Dyads
  • 2 Guys and A Gym Sports Therapy Group
  • Social Sense-Ability Groups (Social Thinking Groups™)
  • Itty-Bitty Groups

To learn more, visit our Social Development Programs page.

Feeding Treatment Programs

Our Chef Buddies Group at Cawn/Krantz is a structured yet playful feeding program, that defines our group feeding therapy sessions at Cawn/Krantz. It is a weekly social group supporting positive interactions with food and friends.

Individual feeding therapy programs at Cawn/Krantz are offered throughout the year. The therapy program follows a structured routine presenting food in a playful manner that encourages the child that food can be safe and fun. Parent groups, participation and observation are also an integral part of the feeding program.

For more information visit our Feeding Treament Programs page.

Floortime Therapies and Coaching

Therapy Intensives (for out-of-town clients)

Therapy Intensives are 3-5 day Floortime® treatment sessions intended for families who want intensive training in Floortime® but may live out of state. Clients also receive intensive speech and occupational therapy. 

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is an integral part of the DIR/Floortime® model. Certified Floortime® specialists (speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, mental health workers, and/or developmental therapists) are available to work with individual families on Floortime® strategies specific to their child's unique profile and to facilitate a home and school program. 

Floortime Evaluations/Therapy program/Parent Coaching

Individual Floortime® assessments utilize the Functional Emotional Assessment Scale (FEAS), a dynamic assessment that evaluates the child in the context of his/her relationship with a parent. At the conclusion of the assessment, a summary is prepared and recommendation sare made for treatment and a home program.

For more information about our Floortime Programs, visit our Cawn/Krantz Floortime page.

Listening Therapies

Auditory Integration Training™

Auditory Integration Training™ (AIT) is an intense and effective way of "retraining" the ear to hear and process sounds in a more efficient manner. Therapy sessions at Cawn/Krantz that utilize AIT are developed around the child's ability to listen and process sounds, his/her alertness and attention, and his/her comprehension and expressive language skills. For more information on AIT, visit our Audio Integration Training™ page.

Interactive Metronome®

Interactive Metronome® (IM) combines the concept of a musical metronome with a patented technology program that accurately measures, assesses, and improves rhythm and timing. Using a patented auditory guidance system, IM's interactive exercises improve foundational skills essential for learning and development. For more information on IM, visit our Interactive Metronome® page.


BrainBeat is a cognitive trainer for kids that scientifically proven to improve focus through fun, interactive exercises. 

Therapeutic Listening™

Therapeutic Listening™ is a sound-based auditory intervention that impacts a variety of areas, including regulation and attention, sensory modulation, behavior, postural control, and speech and language difficulties. Children listen to specially modulated music with headphones and a "tune belt," using these tools to engage in a variety of sensory-motor activities while they listen. To learn more, visit our Therapeutic Listening™ page.

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