Social Groups

In our continued support of the whole child, Cawn/Krantz offers developmental and social-emotional enhancement therapies.

Social Peer Groups

PEER BUDDIES: A social group focused on building peer relationships.  Groups will focus on building social language skills, fostering positive peer interactions and developing symbolic play skills.

SENSORY BUDDIES: A group experience for children who need more individualized support in order to facilitate peer interactions. Groups are led by licensed Occupational Therapists. 

SOCIAL SENSIBILITES: A group for 9 - 16 year olds focused on enhancing social engagement with peers and adults in a variety of settings. Children learn underlying skills needed for successful social interaction including: perspective taking, social problem solving and higher level linguistic skills that include predicting and inferencing. 

ITTY-BITTY BABIES: A fun language enrichment designed for children 14 - 20 months, developing their language through song, movement and play.  Focus is on exploring communication using sounds, gestures, early words and word combinations.  Parent participation is strongly recommended.

LITTLE BUDDIES: Language enrichment program designed for 20 - 48 months of age, developing their language through song, movement and play.  Our therapists focus on exploring communication through building social relationships with peers.  Group will include a circle time with music and movement, sensory play and facilitated play with peers. 

For more information on the above groups contact: 
Daniel Mason, M.S. CCC-SLP
Coordinator of Group Therapy Programs
847.480.8890, extension 28 

Sense-Sational Feeding

CHEF BUDDIES: One of our most popular feeding groups!  Our therapists focus on encouraging positive interactions with both food and friends.  This group focuses on developing strategies for the positive interactions with non-preferred foods and models the "language of food" within the context of positive peer interactions.  Each session is structured to include sensory prep time in order to prepare bodies for interaction with the foods.

FOOD SCIENTISTS: For the challenged eaters, ages 8 years and older.  Therapists focus on nutritional benefits of food in addition to the skills developed in the Chef Buddies Program.  Children will be empowered to create their own menus and become better informed eaters. 

For more information on the above groups contact: 
Jerri Krantz, M.S. CCC-SLP
Clinical Director
847.480.8890, extension 12 

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